The MapMakers: Hitchiking in Colombia

Hitchhiking in Colombia is not as dangerous as some might think.  Adam and Mike set out to film an investigative travel documentary and see if they experience a Colombia different from the one they have heard about.

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The MapMakers: Appreciating Culture in Colombia

We travel to some of the most under appreciated countries on the planet in the hopes of discovering a beauty that is rarely recorded.  This is a compilation of clips from our recent trip to Colombia. 

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The MapMakers: Changing Perceptions

Our films are about the transformative nature of travel.  Watch and see how our perceptions change and evolve during our recent trip to Colombia.

The MapMakers: A Different Kind of Vacation

Conventional travel film is long outdated.  Allow us to introduce an uncommon style of travel - one that is rarely recognized in the mainstream, but carries a great deal of adventure and insight. As investigative documentary film makers we commit to bringing you new perspectives.

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The MapMakers: Exploring Connection

The MapMakers ask Americans to share their thoughts on travel, connection, and evolution.

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The MapMakers: Project Ethiopia Episode 1

Idealism meets realism in this first episode from The MapMakers trip to Ethiopia.

The MapMakers: Project Ethiopia -Investigating Creative Education in Ethiopia

In this 8 minute episode, The MapMakers discuss the need for creative education - everywhere.  Through interviews with 5 foreigners who made the decision to dedicate a part of their life to helping communities in Ethiopia - we explore the importance of cultivating and supporting intuitive learning skills.  Listen to views from Kim & Tim (Dutch born couple building a Village in Gorgora where they will educate their workers and their children) Sister Suvi (Finish born, resident of Ethiopia teaching Reasoning Skills in a Jamaican Rastafari School) Willma (Dutch volunteer raising funds to build Montessori schools in South Omo) John (American born, resident of Ethiopia and founder of a travelling theater program for youth)

The MapMakers: Video Journal - Amy Schlotterback, Somaliland

In this short video clip, Amy reflects on what feels like to travel in Somaliland as a woman.  Gain insight into the cultural customs, and some of the challenges western women may face.

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The MapMakers: Video Journal - Mike Dickenson, Ethiopia

After traveling for nearly 1 month through Ethiopia, MapMaker Mike Dickenson shares some personal confusions and frustrations about travel.  Opening to new insights and perceptions is often not an easy task.

The MapMakers:Project Colombia - Ayahuasca

Mike Dickenson and Adam Tanner of The MapMakers seek out ayahuasca in southern Colombia and find a traditional shaman.

The MapMakers: Evolution of Consciousness

In a world of stark contrasts, we inspect life more closely and discover major correlations and similarities people have about the evolution of humanity and consciousness.

The MapMakers: The Question of Community

The MapMakers hold open forum on the topic of community.

The MapMakers: ECETI Ranch, UFOs and James Gilliland

The MapMaker's visit ECETI Ranch to investigate countless accounts of paranormal phenomenon. From orbs, to UFO's spotted over Mt Adams - the ranch lives up to its reputation! An interview with James Gilliland offers new insight into what all of this phenomenon might mean and the implications to mankind.

The MapMakers: Exploring Sustainable Education

MapMakers Amy Schlotterback and Mike Dickenson travel to Aprovecho, a permaculture education center in Cottage Grove Oregon, seeking expertise and insight on sustainable education programs. In this conversation with Aprovecho educator Rachel Rothman she explains her vision of a more sustainable education system.

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