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Erik Davis:
Myth, Magic + Mysticism in the age of technology

Half Past Human:
We are not alone in forecasting the future, all humans do it to some degree. Just a quick search of the internet will provide dozens of forms of future forecasting.  Using a technique based on radical linguistics to reduce extracts from readings of dynamic postings on the internet into an archetypical database. With this database of archtypical language, we calculate the rate of change of the language. The forecasts of the future are derived from these calculations.

Urban Survival:
Provides daily business news analysis and financial market coverage from the long wave (longwave) economic perspective. Since 1996, this site has expressed the view that traditional constant-expansion corporate business models would all collapse some day and that we'd eventually be forced to move toward green (sustainable) business models -  the new economics of responsible capitalism - or perish.

Cameron Karsten:
Exploration with Culture.  Travel Writing and Photography.  A blog.

Nozomi Hayase:
A former Waldorf teacher and currently a writer and a poet. Through her work she is a fierce advocate
for the empathic imagination and for cultivation of a global civil consciousness.

John Stewart:
Outlines an evolutionary worldview and explores its relevance to humanity.  The Manifesto demonstrates the potential of the worldview to provide meaning and purpose for human existence, and uses it to identify the actions that we need to take if humanity is to fulfill its potential to contribute positively to the future evolution of life in the universe.

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