As world travelers, each day is full of moments when we must decide which path to take.  As explorers of the human condition, each moment is accompanied by a decision about what we will accept as truth, and which internal presumptions we will choose to change.

The Mapmakers: Project Colombia, is an investigative documentary following two travelers as they embark on an unconventional journey to explore the relationships and connections made while traveling.  By asking those they encounter two basic questions, travelers Adam and Mike uncover a reality contrary to the one exemplified by mainstream media - a reality where although we have differences, we are also very much the same.


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Take a trip to Somaliland and travel off the international map.  Despite winning independence in a brutal civil war 20 years ago, Somaliland remains to be unrecognized by the international community.  Eclipsed by Somalia's ongoing and complex troubles, Somaliland’s milestones of restoring law and order, a rich democracy, and a running infrastructure without any aid from external sources tend to go unnoticed. 

Project Somaliland is a documentary about traveling to an internationally isolated nation. In this short film, MapMaker’s Amy & Mike investigate the people and perspectives that helped to establish durable peace, security and democracy in Somaliland.  Amazed by the role clan politics and nationalism play in establishing stable infrastructure – this new view on relationships was one for the “Map”.  

As the travelers wander across the state from Hargeissa to Berbera, with self appointed 18year old guide Mohammed, the filmmakers meet many Somalilanders happy to share their insights on subjects like – International Recognition, Diaspora, and the future of Somaliland.  

Wander off the beaten path, and you’ll be amazed at what you find.  For in a nation with so much associated “danger”, The MapMakers discover people who have overcome hardships and continue to move forward with their own peculiar grace.

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Through personal interviews and conversations with communities across the globe, The MapMakers film duo investigates and documents a rapidly transforming collective perception of the world.  Combining thought with action, our documentaries ask audiences to explore inner dimensions of "self" while simultaneously observing the world around them from new angles.  Continuously looking for how the individual can impact the whole, our films are contemplative, educational, and inspiring.  Through travel, we widen our understanding of the relationships that comprise our life experiences.  We invite you to join us, as we venture to Colombia, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Somaliland and across the United States to investigate the power of perception.  We are a unique alternative to main stream media, emphasizing the positive, and aiming for solutions.  Through a real life process of up's and down's, MapMakers everywhere are urged to tap on the door of evolution and ask, 
"Where are we heading?"
The Sustainability of Selfelf
An interesting event occurred in early 2010; MapMakers Amy & Mike traveled to Trout Lake WA, and undeniably witnessed a UFO.   

As the year progressed, news of otherworldly ships and extraterrestrial influence began to hit the mainstream. Frustrated with superficial arguments over whether or not these ships exist, The MapMakers were ready to move onto questions regarding what this contact might mean.  ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake was the perfect place to begin investigating the perceptions and insights shared by many individuals across the planet who have been claiming contact with off world visitors for quite some time now.  The ranch represents a microcosmic view of a world-wide collective phenomenon. 

The owner of the ranch, James Gilliland, maintains to have experienced UFO related phenomena, including contact with extraterrestrials, for over 30 years.  In addition to his experiences, thousands of guests gravitate to the ranch every year and attest personal accounts of seeing ships, meeting off-world visitors, and “healing” parts of themselves in a place they call “home”.  

This film is a candid look at the people and place that create Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  After spending several months at ECETI sharing with James, ranch staff, and guests – the MapMakers reveal new insights about a rapidly expanding universe.

In February of 2010, MapMakers Amy Schlotterback and Michael Dickenson traveled to Ethiopia - intending to create a film about evolution, cooperation, and positive change.

What they recieved was much more.

The film follows The MapMakers as they search for individuals and organizations dedicating their lives to consciously advancing the evolutionary process.  Through discussion, interviews, and observation - The MapMakers tap into the guiding philosophies of these individuals, and delve into what drives people to engage in this type of work.

This is a film about internal and external exploration and transformation.  As Amy and Mike reach for inspiration and insight in the world around them, they come to realize that no change is without its challenges.
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