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The Mapmakers is a team of travelers searching the globe – set out to prove that the world is not always as bad as we are led to believe. Our investigative documentaries tap into the underlying gel that connects us all.

We are backpackers united under the idea that traveling can make the world a better place.  Engaging the unconventional as our vehicle, we drop head first into big picture ideas and radical discoveries. Familiar comforts renounced, we search to find greater meaning in the seemingly mundane through the people we meet along our way.  It is through these connections that we are often revealed stunning and profound perceptions about the world around us. This is how our maps begin to take shape…

New realizations lead us in new directions. Global change is underway.  If we are going to believe in a world with a positive future, we must encourage and support positive media.  While mainstream media chokes on news of violence and propaganda, our documentaries address the neglected.  We bring you insights from people like those you encounter everyday (just from a different side of the globe) - we ask questions, listen, and evolve!

Our mission is to engage the public in a new reality.  Our films seek to entertain, inspire change, and provide direction.  Collectively, we hold the potential to map out a better world, a world that does not act out of fear but on mutual discovery and positive action. Share the knowledge and experiences you yourself have learned from your travels.  We appreciate your support, and look forward to linking up with you!

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