Socially educated to become a teacher, personally educated to become a MapMaker.

At age 23 and just out of college, he decided against becoming an English teacher and instead went hitchhiking. Starting off in Elko, Nevada, Mike would travel for almost two years and end his journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It was this trip that would shape his first documentary, Project Colombia.  This film was the beginning of a series of documentaries highlighting various relationships and the realities that stem from our perceptions.  His desire is to create new media that deposes the fear-based reality portrayed in mainstream media.  He is interested in reforming public education to encourage creativity & individual perception.

Dickenson is interested in the implications of extra-terrestrial contact, curious about utopian capitalism practices, and has an avid interest  in international politics, though he is not currently seeking office. He holds a degree in English education and has future long-term plans of building a school that encourages learning in the natural world, with a focus on developing responsibities towards ecosystems and communities alike. Favorite authors include Bill Plotkin, Richard Bach, Henry David Thoreau, Pablo Coehlo, Ayn Rand, Kurt Vonnegut and Ken Wilber.

Mike’s traveling experiences have helped him to formulate an ever-evolving perception of reality. He believes that we are each individual creators of our reality and through the use of focused energy, we are able to manifest extremely positive things into both the individual and collective reality. 

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