MapMaking is an Understanding...

Everyone is the creator of his or her own world, and it is our perception of that world that creates our expression of that world…Our Maps.  MapMakers consciously own their expressions understanding they are simply a product of their perception.  This awareness or consciousness allows them to craft thoughtful, advancing contributions for the collective…MapMaking.

Your experience of reality is an extension of how you choose to percieve reality.
Worldview shapes daily life.

One way to expand consciousness is to explore the world you inhabit.
Take the tool of curiosity and apply it to everything!
Question the conventional.

As we EVOLVE into more conscious beings we create our perception of who we are and how we fit into the whole scheme of “life” and “existence.”

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Travel is a way to expand your consciousness.
Reading is a way to expand your consciousness.
Exchanging ideas builds consciousness.
Creating Connections is Consciousness.

Those who are MapMakers began as Unconventional Travelers.
The distinction between the two is chronological.
In order to become MapMakers we must first begin the journey.

Always skeptical of declaring anything “absolute” the Unconventional Traveler holds many contradicting views simultaneously - consequently, their beliefs about reality are in constant development.

Both serious and casual, the Unconventional Traveler is a truth seeker and is many times uncertain where his or her searching may lead to. This search is often long and challenging – they feel themselves to be suddenly “separate” from the matrix of everyday life and become immersed in a sovereign reality, where they must travel between various states of their own identity. Through time, the mind is trained to travel through these various states of “self” - the state of the percieved external world reflects this unfolding process.

- An Unconventional Journey of ours...

Alignment with authenticity brings the Unconventional Traveler towards an inner understanding about what it is they are currently seeking.  The Unvconventional Traveler longs to understand their place in the universe. The abandonment of fear-based beliefs helps to create new neural pathways in the brain that allow the Unconventional Traveler the opportunity to explore other dimensions of their latent potential energy.  Energy synchronizes with reality, bringing new dimension to the picture of "Purpose".

Successful Unconventional Travelers must be proficient at making friends and allies in difficult situations. They understand that relationships are paramount to survival, that human beings are interdependent and work best in large numbers of co-operation. The Unconventional Traveler is constantly sharpening their social skills, psychological and spiritual skills, and their own inner workings of self knowledge.

MapMakers have shifted focus from individual exploration to the active embodiment
of those mysteries in a life of service to community.

They have traveled beyond convention and have returned with new ideas. 

MapMakers are expert navigators of the multiple dimensions of travel.
Creation is paramount to them. Through their travels, MapMakers have learned valuable
lessons that they now integrate into the collective.

The MapMaker is doing the work of cultivating the skills,
sensibilities, and values that support
their intentional contributions.

MapMakers know that everything is connected and that when aligned with their highest purpose, they too are connected.  The artful MapMaker is capable of percieving a reality of purpose, manifestation and experience.

.....But yield who will to their seperation,
My object in living is to unite
My avocation and my vocation
As my two eyes make one in sight.
Only where love and need are one,
And the work is play for mortal sakes,
is the deed ever really done
For heaven and future sakes.

-Robert Frost

The Unconventional Traveler is a dichotomy in many aspects.
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