Team - Amy

Amy left her job in Corporate America, and is now chasing an idealistic vision of a career where the work you engage in everyday makes a positive contribution to the community and environment at large.

Amy's journey began by integrating her background in technology and marketing, with her dream of seeing positive and informative media become commonplace.  Believing we should reward and encourage progressive leaders in our community, Amy began developing new strategies for using technology to market positive messages in an non-intrusive manner.  Skipping from one intermittent job to the next - she utilized her various experiences in Business Consulting to acquire new skills, while building in the background what would soon become Commonlink Productions. 

When Mike and Adam returned from filming in Colombia, they combined forces with Commonlink Productions and Amy to take their first film through production and distribution.  Together, the team began building The Mapmakers; a line of investigative documentary films about traveling and the relationships we build with others along these journeys.  Project Ethiopia follows Amy as she challenges her own idealistic visions of cooperation and education.

Learning valuable lessons abroad, Amy has returned with a deep desire to reform education, and begin building a world sustainably alligned with the needs of both the environment and community in mind.  She is now investing extensive research & design time to create flexible school curriculum combining the natural world with the practical world. 

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