The MapMakers is a documentary film team whose work focuses on exploring the connections and relationships that comprise positive realities. They are travelers of the unconventional, returning with fresh insight to encourage each of us to claim responsibility for developing our own "Maps". "> The MapMakers
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An evolutionary shift in education is underway - learning will never be the same.  It is time to re-evaluate and evolve the industrialized public education system in America. 

Everywhere, insightful individuals and organizations are MapMaking a new vision and direction for education.  As documentarians, we are exploring these new perceptions and participating in a movement toward sustainable education for the future.

Visit this website for blogs, videos, resources and educational curriculum as we travel and investigate various forms of unconventional education.

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Unconventional Travelers and MapMakers:
 we are a resource for YOU

 On this site, you will learn tricks and techniques 
for exploring new territory within yourself 
and the world you inhabit.

Video clips and “Notes” offer insight into our own personal discoveries and processing.  We also create full length travel documentaries - exposing fresh insight and remarkable action in communities and individuals across the globe.  Our resource list is a growing community of online networks and movements.  If you desire to learn more about “MapMaking” as a philosophy, we invite you to become involved in our Newest Project - as we build new perspectives into our  public education system. 
MapMaker's Amy and Mike began challenging their perception of education while traveling and filming in Ethiopia.  In this video clip, we ask educators and visionaries abroad to share their ideas for education's future.
No more waiting - we're in the midst of massive planetary change. As MapMakers we have put our focus towards building more eco-centric perspectives into community based education. For now, this looks like documentary films, curriculum and personal involvement. We are also available to network and assist communities in attracting members, outreach, and educational design.   

This winter season we will be traveling to Colombia and Ecuador to practice and study Permaculture Design.  Stay up to date on our travels by checking into our blogpage.

We are also accepting project requests for documentaries.  
(Email us) get to know us, and lets see how we might be able to work together.
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Catch up on our recent travels! Trillium Farm & Intentional Community is home to Birch Creek Arts & Ecology Center - a nature based education center providing internships, artists residencies, accredited sustainable living skills classes, and more.